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Tinting the lights on your vehicle can provide that extra bit of style that really pulls the overall look together. It's a great solution if you want to get that unique look or stand out, and the bonus is that it's completely reversible at a later date.

It adds a layer of protection against minor stone chips and delamination. Our light tinting film offers a factory

look finish, is completely waterproof and durable, making it easy to take care of. The film sticks to the outer

side of the light, meaning there is no need to remove the lights from the vehicle.


Wherever possible, we like to offer our tinted PPF film. This not only tints the lights but also gives a layer of armour on your lights. It is self healing but will also protect against stone chips, deeper sctraches, and more. If this can not be used, we have a high-grade light wrap that is better suited to more complex lights with harsher angles to cover.

We are proud to stock a variety of options. We have a light smoke; this is a subtle approach if you just want to slightly dim the clear lenses or hide minor scratches. We also offer a dark smoke, this is if you want that aggresive look. However, we also offer yellow, blue or red, but this depends on the purpose.

Mustang GT Rear Light Tinting

give your vehicle a




Tinting your vehicle is no doubt the best way to enhance the appearance of your vehicle for a low cost. 

Operating from a dust free environment, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality finish; it is virtually identical to that of factory glass. We do this by using the best products on the market and the techniques developed over years of experience. We only use the award winning Suntek Carbon films, which is covered by a lifetime guarantee!

Stocking a full range of shades, from light smoke to limo, we have all the shades to meet your needs. 

Besides creating a look that is uniformed yet elegant, window tinting also has many benefits. The film also acts like a sunscreen by blocking 99% of harmful UV rays. The films we use are extremely efficient at controlling the effects of solar energy, reducing heat by up to 60%. Direct sun and reflections from wet roads can also cause glare, so tinting your window can also be an ideal solution to reduce glare.





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